Awesome Playing Cards for Web Developers

by . May 1st, 2014

Varianto:25, has rolled out a deck of awesome playing cards specifically tailored for web geeks and programmers alike. Now, you can spice up your Poker Games with a little HTML5 and CSS3. You can also take a break from your code-athons with some blackjack. Aptly, named the Code:Deck – these deck of cards will be the perfect gift for designers and developers alike.

Varianto:25 is a Bulgarian based design studio, composed of Stefan Manolov, Dimitar Panov and Valentin Dimitrov. All three are full-time IT professionals. The idea originated from Dimitar who noticed an opportunity that could be interesting as a team building session for other programmers. The deck features everything from CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP to C++. Each card displays it’s equivalent value in respective code.


5 6   11


You can get the whole deck of cards for $10 with a worldwide flat shipping rate of $5. You can get these cards at the designers homepage here. If you’re as much of a fan of awesome playing cards as we are, then you’ll enjoy these CMYK cards and the Design Deck.

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