Watch: One Graphic Designer’s Font Selection Process

by . September 1st, 2015

Stop flying blind when choosing fonts.

Having a process in place saves time, and keeps clients from believing you’re not just doing voodoo.

This video is a great way of fleshing out the point we made on fonts in 11 Things That Don’t Mean Good Design.  I thought I’d fall asleep, but man, Shawn Barry nails a lot of things that successful graphic designers do.

SPOILER ALERT: good font selection has nothing to do with picking fonts you like.

Skip to 1:40 to get to get to the good part.

Creative work is difficult to create processes for, but that does not mean that it’s not worthwhile or impossible. Anything that streamlines your work, rationally eliminates bad choices, and gives you a way to compare your choices early is a good thing.

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