You! Be Informed! #0002

by . April 28th, 2012


Here’s our second installation of our design news series! There’s something that’s making me hungry (in a very creative, graphic design sense as well as in a literal sense) in this roundup so I’ll get right to it so I can attack the fridge afterwards!

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Miniature Moments provides a service where you can make 3D printed miniatures from photos. The miniature is the size of a passport photo and acts like a photo negative – the photo is only seen when held in front of the light.

Thrive Software’s project management tool Solo has one of the most beautiful sales site I’ve seen yet.

Picfull is an image editing site that provides rather unique, quality, easy-to-use photo filters.

Trend Hunter has a free, revamped version of the award-winning eBook, Exploiting Chaos, packed with interactive, multimedia features that can provide you with cutting-edge ideas on how to identify opportunities in times of crisis. Don’t let complacency be your empire’s downfall – foster creativity and fuel change by Exploting Chaos!

Archivo De Pivo is a book full of (non)sense / the author’s personal archive about traveling, mountains, love, memories, girls and adventure. The video below flips through all the pages in the book as a preview.


I should also mention that from ADP’s Facebook page I also found two very interesting Tumblr blogs, I is for Inspiration and Mind That.

I is for Inspiration is a collection of others’ work.

Mind That is a collection of contemporary and classic modernist/minimalist typography curated by Kristoffer Wilson (@_KWilson).

Me, Marionette is an exhibition of new work by one of the UK’s most celebrated contemporary print makers, Brighton-based artist Graham Carter, that will be opening at the Ink_d Gallery on Friday, May 4, 2012, as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe. The show will feature his most ambitious 3D works to date, alongside new artworks and limited edition prints, as well as the debut screening of a new animation Carter produced in conjunction with musician Richard Spiller and the Brighton-based animation studio Ticktockrobot. You can view a preview of the animation below.


100designers brings together interviews with graphic designers that are scattered around the internet, built to encourage those who struggle daily to create great work by sharing these conversations about the ideas and approaches of great designers.


(Speaking of interviews with graphic designers, we should really make a separate category for that sometime on the blog once we get a steady stream rolling – aside from that I’ve sent out a call for people to write interviews about designers local in their area or they have access to by some other means, we’ve also done some interviews here with people like JP Cuison, Giulo Constanzo, Andrio Abero, Kyle T. Webster, Kevin Russ, Amir Fallah, Russell Tate, Jeff Seaberg, and David Murdico, as well as compiled a list of 25 Must Read Interviews from 2008. Plus, the design network we’re under, UCreative (have I told you guys I’m a moderator here?), has also interviewed Andy Sowards, Ronald Bien, Steven Snell, and Brian Hoff.

Alright, that’s enough, let’s continue, sorry! This is why the team doesn’t like talking to me sometimes…)

If you fancy tattoos and want to get as random and as unique as you can get, the Instattoo app may be just your thing. It lets you automatically generate a one-of-a-kind tattoo with a few taps and swipes, and you can even share it on your social network of choice before having it transferred to your body with the help of a skilled professional. Check the video below.


More interviews, this time in video! In this first one, Erik Spiekermann, godfather of modern type, talks with Elliot Jay Stocks about how typography is used in the digital domain and what digital designers can learn from traditional print techniques.

Here, Tony Howard, the Managing Director of the London based Transport Design Consultancy, discusses his approach to way-finding signage.

(If you’re getting a feeling of déjà vu, the Matrix is not glitching on you – we also previously touched on the topic of way-finding signage in our post about Helvetica and the Vignelli Canon.)

We know you’ve been loving our recent calendar freebies, but if you’re looking for a creative printed version, you can consider this 2012 Calendar of Silly Holidays.

If you’re single, here’s a great set of pickup lines to just hand to your desired target in case you get cold feet!

Lastly for this issue… have you ever wondered if it is possible to describe a font’s taste? The people behind Taste the Font have thought of exactly that, and so this project was born – and keeps on going at least once a week. They describe the “feeling” of the font by making a “dish” with a specific “taste”, and add a dash of the font’s true history as well. Not only mentally delicious but also healthy for the brain!

Trebuchet is cheese missiles…

And Wingdings is… yep, getting hungry now.

And that’s all for now, everyone, we hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know how you liked (or hated? :( ) this second Be Informed! issue, share it generously with friends, and remember to say hi on our social media accounts. Happy weekend!


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