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by . September 11th, 2012

The highly anticipated release of the iPhone 5 tomorrow can change our perspective of using mobile phones in the succeeding days and weeks. With so many rumors about its design and added features months back before the announced release, the iPhone 5 will definitely be the talk of the world tomorrow.

There might be some major adjustments like taller size, thinner  profile, wider spot for camera and lighter weight, but just like the past versions of the iPhone, Apple will most probably live up with the consistency of its looks and style.


iPhone 5? by iLab Factory

Can this be the iPhone 5? (Source)


As the excitement builds up for the event tomorrow, we here at YTD collected some of the wackiest, craziest, coolest and most unique cases that can be a nice companion for your current iPhone or might as well for the iPhone 5. Enjoy!



EXO7 iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Homade Retro Cassette iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Wooden Camera Inspired iPhone Case by YouTheDesigner


Knuckle iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


3D Face iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


The Hunger Games Logo Mockingjay pendant iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Antique Clock iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Fabric (Hood) iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Silicon Touch iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Opena iPhone 4 Case via YouTheDesigner


Stainless Steel iPhone 3G And 3GS iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


iPhone 4 Cases by Pale Horse via YouTheDesigner


iPhone 4 Felt Case via YouTheDesigner


Hanging Camera Case via YouTheDesigner


The Recession iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Luxury Edition Royal Crown iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner


Gorilla Tube carbon fiber case for iPhone via YouTheDesigner


SNAP! iPhone Case via YouTheDesigner




Shenanigames Transformer Style Aluminum Case for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S via YouTheDesigner




NOTE: Images on this page are not owned by YouTheDesigner and are used solely as design examples. Please click on the  images to see their original sources.

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