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Steve Vai On How To Be Successful – Serious, No-B.S. Advice All Entrepreneurs Should Listen To

by . March 30th, 2012

We do not endorse Steve Vai nor any company or product that may be linked to or appear in this article.

We would (Editor’s note: No, Arthur. *You* would) love to think we’ve helped ¬†thousands of small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs with ideas on how to succeed. Then last night, as I was catching up with friends on Facebook (Editor’s note: Catching up? Is that what they call stalking, now?), I saw this Steve Vai video.

With a single 7 minute 20 second video, Steve Vai rendered our 237 posts and a year and a half of laying out concepts on management, marketing, and entrepreneurship laughably redundant

I’m not the biggest Steve Vai fan, so I don’t really care if you like his music or not. It’s just weird he explains almost everything you need to know to succeed not just in business –¬†but at life…

Which hardly seems fair. I mean, COME ON. Look at him!


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