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What Is Wrong With Your Small Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . March 27th, 2015

A heck of a lot pretty obvious things, it seems.

We recently posted a piece, 10 Annoyingly Preventable Ways You Turn Off Customers, that touches on many of the same things expressed in the infographic from Small Biz Trends below. A lot of us have this misconception that all you have to do is get noticed. But the reality is that have to get your audience to act — otherwise, getting their attention is pointless.

Here’s how you’re messing up.




  • 96% don’t offer guides or white papers
  • 70% don’t have clear calls to action on home pages
  • 72% don’t have calls to action on other pages
  • 27% don’t include a phone number on their home pages
  • 68% don’t include an e-mail address on their home pages
  • 38% bury their e-mail address
  • 31% bury their phone number
  • 82% don’t reference their social media


  • Many of these issues could be avoided if there is a better understanding about the purpose of sites across the entire development team.
  • As we discussed in a previous piece, problems can arise when the responsibilities of different people involved in the side are not aligned well enough.
  • Phones have been around since the 1870’s, and while their functions have expanded, for businesses they still serve the same basic purpose — to help them directly talk with customers. Online conversations and social media’s great, but you will usually need a phone, regardless.
  • If you can educate your customers better than your competition, the benefits might not be immediately apparent to you, but you’ll sure as heck find yourself with a more loyal fanbase.
  • It really all boils down to empathy and studying how your audience might react.

What missed opportunities will you cover next? Comment below!


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