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What Separates Great Managers From Average Managers?

by . August 12th, 2015

A series of sketches tells us what’s up.

Julie Zhou, product design director at Facebook, recently posted a series of management-oriented sketches that really nail the differences between an average manager and a great manager.

Here are a couple of her contrasting examples of great and average management. Find her entire set here!

Conducting 1:1s

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Assigning Tasks



Dealing with turbulence


You can find more of this and the rest of Julie Zhou’s Medium posts here.

What you should know

  • While these are great generalizations, always consider the context of any managerial issue before you go with it.
  • All employees and managers are different. Don’t expect to be perfect, and don’t expect everyone to respond in the same way.
  • Don’t expect everyone to respond with gratitude when you mentor them either.
  • These sketches can only do so much!


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