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by . September 6th, 2013

Hey guys! We are going to Copenhagen! Don’t fret since there’s no need to pack your backs. In this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to tour the awesome office of KathArt Interactive.

To start off this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to ask you to imagine this: It’s your first day as an intern for an awesome interactive  digital design agency. You open the door, get introduced to your colleagues and then you’ realize that you are going to have a very memorable internship. This is what it felt like when we first got around KathArt’s awesome website.

Awesome Web Design

KathArt Interactive is a digital design agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is founded by Katherine Chmiel who is not only the CEO but also the creative director of the company. The company has garnered a lot of awards such as a Peoples Voice Webby Award for and was elected as Most Well Run Agency by Bureaubiz in 2012.

The scroll-based website starts off at the door of KathArt’s office following a big welcome sign in the middle of the room. Then the camera goes around introducing the who’s who and showcasing the fun vibe inside their office. The tour also gets to showcase some of the work that the company is currently working on at the time the images are taken. What’s nice with KathArt’s website is that we don’t just get to see the cliched wall of faces with a 3-4 sentence formal bio of the people behind the company, instead we are given a brief but a very personable encounter with them plus a fun short description about them.

Awesome Web Design

Awesome Web Design

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Awesome Web Design

Awesome Web Design


While most companies try to create a stunning website in order to parade their products and services, KathArt decided to showcase the people behind it in order to give us some sort of personal connection with their company.

What do you guys think? Did you guys had a great time touring KathArt’s office and meeting their team? Did you went inside the meeting room? Tell us your experience at the comment section below!


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