Creative Advertising Ideas — 008

by . May 10th, 2013

It’s Creative Advertising Ideas again! And as always we are weeding away the clutter and picking out the most creative advertising ideas of the week.

We are roughly exposed with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements on a day to day basis. Some are good, some are not but our aim is to deliver you, dear reader the best and the most creative advertising ideas around the web for your inspiration!

Windows 8

We are no strangers of “what-was-that’ kind of videos ever since Old Spice came out with seemingly hilarious random videos. Moving away from their usual bland and sometimes good-but-not-enough commercials Windows recently released these series of videos specifically for the Asian market which was well-received and are now moving to becoming the next viral videos.

creative advertising ideas




Reforma is a Mexican newspaper that emphasizes the independent editorial and unbiased style of writing. Their recent campaign with the help of Publicis, Mexico showcases a very simple and direct approach. Focusing on the idea of unfiltered, unbiased and up close delivery of news.

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

Mira Guide Dog Association

Mira is a foundation dedicated to help disabled individuals by partnering them with dogs trained to aid them free of charge. Commissioning artists James Jean, Kazuki Takamatsu, Davor Vrankic and Tara Mc Pherson to create amazing print ads showcasing the relationship of the guide dogs and the handicapped.

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas

creative advertising ideas


Finding a parking space is one main problem of car owners living in the metro. Which is why smart cars are slowly gaining popularity. Smart, a smart car manufacturer wanted to showcase how economical and how easy it is to park one. Their creative advertising idea: Use a simple but witty direct mail campaign with the help of cardboard and some elastic bands.

Kidum School

Kidum is a SAT-prep school and they want to identify the smartest students to invite them for the course with a special incentive. In order to do that they asked the help of TBWA, Tel Aviv to create a special campaign. The creative advertising idea: ask students to answer a SAT demo test designed as a QR code. With the right answer students will be able to activate the QR code in order to claim a prize.

creative advertising ideas is a Slovak electronics online store and they wanted a sales promotion that will make people to upgrade their appliances. Instead of the usual approach, what they did is they ask people to register their old appliances and in return a voucher for a new one will be given. What is amazing is that picks one lucky old appliance and it is given an awesome experience.

How do you guys like this week’s Creative Advertising Ideas? Tell us which ads you like the most! We’d also like to hear your insights and if we missed something just give us a beep at the comments section.


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