Everybody Needs To Go, Even Cartoon Characters

by . October 12th, 2014

How many times does a child say “I need to go” in a car ride? When nature calls, it would be hard to ignore. There’s no use holding it in; the more you do, the more it seeps through. *laughs* No need to limit your fluids or lay off the Mexican food because even cartoon characters have been spotted doing their personal business.

Lucas Savelli, art director and illustrator from Argentina, was able to cleverly capture a few cartoon characters through illustration and digital painting. This may sound like a silly collection of artworks because “going” is never a good conversation starter, but someone had to put it out there. Here’s a unique take on how everybody needs to go, even our favorite cartoon characters. Try to guess who these cartoon characters are from their feet. The 5th one is a personal favorite.








Which cartoon characters should be included in this set? Share them through the comments box below.


J is a confessional media/fictional writer/Multimedia Arts major from Manila. She is fascinated by art and design, brand identity and advertising trends— she doesn’t always enjoy making them, but she’s always up for knowing and writing about them. She likes observing and writing about human behavior, different POVs, design and culture

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