Featured Artist: The Design Aesthetics of Rachel Spoon

by . January 3rd, 2013

It’s a brand new year and one good way to welcome 2013 is to give you a dose of creative inspiration from another amazing artist in the design industry. This time, we picked a creative woman focusing in various fields of graphic design as our featured artist for the month.


Rachel Spoon via You the Designer


Meet Rachel Spoon, a graphic designer based in South Carolina who is focusing on print, packaging and web design. Her works are characterized by clean and structured elements with great attention to details. Influenced by various international designs, Rachel has created her own unique style in design as seen on many of her projects.


Another good thing about Rachel is that she has a strong passion for learning new ideas and experiences. She always sticks to the design fundamentals, focuses on type choice and hierarchy and gives emphasis on the importance of research and listing down snippets of information in the beginning process of every design project. Lets take a quick look on some of her designs below.(Click on the images to view the details about each project.)


Don Rosa Classics: The Complete Pertwillaby Papers by Rachel Spoon

Book Cover Design for Don Rosa Classics: The Complete Pertwillaby Papers


JMG Christmas Recipe Book by Rachel Spoon

JMG Christmas Recipe Book


Penguin Classics Book Covers by Rachel Spoon

Penguin Classics Book Covers


Ivy Leaves Journal of Literature & Art by Rachel Spoon

Ivy Leaves Journal of Literature & Art


Sanose Clementines Package Design by Rachel Spoon

Sanose Clementines Package Design


Personal Brand Identity System by Rachel Spoon

Personal Brand Identity System


OZMA Identity by Rachel Spoon

OZMA Identity


March for Babies T-shirt Design by Rachel Spoon

March for Babies T-shirt Design


Great Designers of History DVD Series by Rachel Spoon

Great Designers of History DVD Series


Robinson Davis Record Album Cover Design by Rachel Spoon

Robinson Davis Record Album Cover Design



Check out more of the works of Rachel Spoon on her website and Behance portfolio. Get to know her up close and personal in an interview as the latest featured artist at UCreative Spotlight.



Feel free to tell us your thoughts about our latest featured artist by commenting below. Stay awesome everyone!


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