Snapshot Sunday – Hilarious Posters for Photographers

by . March 17th, 2013

If you are a freelance photographer who needs a laugh after doing a client shoot then this post is for you. The Shoppe created these hilarious posters for photographers making a witty jab about the photography business.

As part of the Shoppe Satire series, these witty and hilarious posters pokes fun on anything about being a photographer and running a photography business. With themes like about what the clients says,  photographer problems and other inside jokes. These collection of hilarious posters is sure to crack up any photographer after a long day of shooting.

Here are some of their hilarious posters in the series:

 hilarious posters

hilarious posters

hilarious posters

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hilarious posters

You can view the high-res versions of the image here. Apart from these hilarious posters The Shoppe also offers templates, Photoshop actions and branding materials for photographers. They also offer free basic Photoshop tutorials for beginners.

Check out The Shoppe for their latest promos and offerings here. You guys can also follow them out in Facebook and in Twitter.

Tell us which hilarious poster you like the most! We’d also like to hear your thoughts.


Patrick Jude Ilagan is a graphic designer/photographer hailing from the vast jungles of urban Manila. Always on the look out for visually appealing stuff he scours the internet and the bustling city in search of inspiration. His tools for mass creation is a Canon 500D along with a wide array of lights and lenses plus a 4 year old (but still fighting) laptop. Check out his work on Tumblr.

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