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by . June 20th, 2013

Skulls. More skulls and a sprinkle of drawing magic! The illustration work of Poland-based creative Rafal Wechterowicz is way beyond artworks composed of skulls, scythes and elements associated to death and darkness. The ex-teacher and vinyl collector creates illustrations with killer details in narrative style and very much associated with metal merch designs.


Art by Rafal Wechterowicz


Rafal, who loves to cook vegan food, enjoys drawing a lot of things – from different animals to bloody zombies when he was still at school. His love for art was inspired by the idea of hard work and to always get better and better in every new assignment.


Art by Rafal Wechterowicz


His artworks bends the typical meaning of beauty. His pieces have this dark atmosphere and some dose of irony that makes them extra unique. His typical creative process starts from drawing everything on paper and finish the colored work in Photoshop.


Art by Rafal Wechterowicz

Art by Rafal Wechterowicz

Art by Rafal Wechterowicz

Aside from works for hardcore metal bands and groups such as Metallica, his long client list include Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rolling Stones and Harley Davidson. You can check out more of his awesome works on his Behance portfolio and updates from his Facebook Page.

In an interview via MetalBandArt, here is Rafal’s piece of advice to aspiring artists out there:

Work hard, be active on the Internet, think positive. And listen to good music.



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