Minimalist Monday – Minimalist Posters of Bands and Music Icons

by . March 4th, 2013

Hey creatives! It’s Minimalist Monday once again! Today we will showcase a nice collection of minimalist posters featuring some of the most iconic bands and singers in music history.

Minimalist Monday – Minimalist Posters of Bands and Music Icons
We’ve seen a lot of minimalist posters around, from movie posters and print ads to pictograms and typography. But the set of music posters of Bizhan Khodabandeh has a different feel and executed in a unique style. Bizhan, an illustrator and graphic designer from United States has created this collection as a present for his wife’s 30th birthday. The theme was Karaoke, so the featured musicians in the posters are mostly his wife’s favorites. Check out some of them below:



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Which among the posters is your most favorite? Stay awesome everyone!


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