Kashmir UL: The First Adventure Camera Pack for Women

by . December 2nd, 2014

Outdoor camera bag manufacturer, F-stop, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to address a long-standing issue for female outdoor photographers. F-stop is introducing Kashmir — what they claim to be the world’s first backcountry-bred adventure camera pack designed specifically for women.

According to their Kickstarter page, the Kashmir camera pack was engineered to be the perfect all-around women’s daypack. This is because the pack’s torso height and harness system are based on a woman’s physique. The camera pack is built on a lightweight frame that allows support for micro, small shallow, or medium shallow ICUs (internal camera unit). It has features such as mesh pockets; adjustable bands; a hip-belt, side mesh pocket; and even a water reservoir holder. The pack is made from weather-resistant material — making it the perfect outdoor pack. You can download the full product guide here.

Here’s a Kickstarter testimonial video from Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright

F-stop wanted everyone to see that they fully recognize the huge contribution that women make to professional adventure photography. That’s why they’re giving away rewards — from shirts for just $19, a Kashmir early bird special (that brings it down to $139), and the cool Kashmir Bundle that includes a weekend of adventure with Krystle Wright or with Ulla Lohmann for a cool $4995!

As of this writing, the campaign has garnered $3,323 and has still 27 days to go. If you want to know more about the Kashmir UL, you can take a look at their Kickstarter page. Don’t forget to also visit the F-stop website if you want to take a look at their other products.


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