32 Brilliant Poster Design Tutorials In Photoshop

by . December 1st, 2014



UPDATE: This post was originally published on August 1, 2011. We’ve updated the list and replaced the outdated ones. Enjoy, Creatives!

Posters play an integral role in advertising; they’re arguably the best form of advertisement on outdoor settings. They’re an effective way of attracting people and conveying your message clearly in the midst of a chaotic scenario where everyone is in a hurry. It can also help boost your brand recall because posters are great agents for brand visibility.

On the other hand, posters are also a great medium to showcase one’s creativity. They provide possibilities for designers to express their ideas in countless ways. Though one must remember that posters should convey its message as quickly as possible; your audience is constantly moving and you only have seconds to catch their attention or else you lose a potential customer.

In today’s post, we rounded up 32 brilliant poster design tutorials we’ve found online — each showcasing their unique style and methods. We’re pretty certain you’ll learn new techniques that might be useful for your future projects. Now open that Photoshop and turn on the music. It’s gonna be a long but fruitful day today. Enjoy, Creatives!


Why don’t you give them a shot? If you have your own tutorials or list of your favorite tutorials on the internet, do share it with us on the comments below! Stay creative, everyone!


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