10 Amazing Graphic Design Magazines Part 1

by . September 8th, 2008

Graphic Design Magazines are a key way for active graphic designers to further immerse themselves into the design community. They can inspire you, inform you and keep you up to date on the latest trends, hottest studios and new design talent.

They are often filled with great interviews, designer spotlights, graphic design news, current events, contests and everything else a graphic designer would want. The graphic design magazine list below contains a variety of top-notch publications I highly recommend having a look at.

Amazing Graphic Design Magazines

1. PRINT Magazine

PRINT is an extremely popular bimonthly graphic design magazine about visual culture and design.

2. I.D. Magazine

I.D Magazine is a leading critical magazine covering the art, business, and culture of design.

3. HOW Design

HOW magazine’s goal is to help designers run successful, creative, profitable studios and much more.

4. Communication Arts

Communication Arts is an amazing art and design magazine that consists of eight issues and includes the Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography and Interactive annuals.

5. Computer Arts

Computer Arts is a kick-butt mag filled with tons of great advice for freelance designers of all levels and ages.


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