10 Great Places to Find Web Design Jobs

by . October 29th, 2008

Having trouble finding web design jobs? Well all the good jobs are online nowadays, so forget the papers! There are tons of job boards and other websites that feature web design jobs and there’s been a new trend in blogs having their own web design job boards due to their large audience of web designers.

This way web designers can not only read new posts, but they can keep an eye out for their dream job at the same time! So if you are in the marketing for a new web design job, be sure to check out the 10 web design sites below for hot new web design jobs! If you are a graphic designer you can check out our Graphic Design Jobs post which features some similar websites.

10 Great Places to Find Web Design Jobs

1. Coroflot

Coroflot is one of the leading web design job boards on the internet and is also one of the oldest. It usually has new job listing every day many of which are high-paying jobs for very large and well-respected companies.

2. 37 Signals

37Signals has a really nice job board which features many top web design jobs from companies such as The New York Times, CNET, Facebook, Adobe and Trek.

3. Yahoo Hot Jobs

It’s no surprise Yahoo’s web design job board is top notch. This is another place every web designer should check out for great jobs all over the United States.

4. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard is a major job board created by the founders of TechCrunch an amazing blog about internet products and businesses. Be sure to check out the blog as well cause its big and bad-ass!

5. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall is a great web design blogs that launched its own job board as often has great web design jobs on the board for designers of all skill levels.

6. Mashable Jobs

The Mashable job board was created to compliment their large blog and has many jobs in a variety of categories such as design, development, blogging and marketing.

7. Smashing Jobs

The Smashing Magazine blog has over 90k subscribers and their job board rocks just as much as their blog. It has tons of great jobs for anyone looking for that gem of a job.

8. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a fabulous web design job board and features dozens and dozens of jobs from entry level to senior level web design jobs and above.

9. Read/WriteWeb Jobs

I recently discovered this job board and was very impressive with some of the jobs listed here. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a web or tech related job.

10. CenterNetworks Job Board

Last, but not least is the CenterNetworks Job Board, which is another must bookmark site if you are in the marketing for a hot new web design job.

Feel free to link any more web design job boards in the comments below, enjoy!


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