10 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator

by . November 12th, 2014

There comes a time in a designer’s life wherein he has to deal with writing copy or blogging about his work. Let’s face it —  not all designers are good with words, let alone coming up with good titles. To solve our fear of 1200-word articles, Portent made an online tool that generates title ideas based on your chosen subject. Title generators are common, but only a few deliver. Behold, Portent’s Content Idea Generator.


1) It’s a huge time-saver

How many minutes do we spend thinking of titles for our articles? Many people second-guess themselves when it comes to titles, worried that their titles are not interesting or good enough. As soon as you have a subject in mind but don’t know which direction to take it, use this title generator and be amazed with the possibilities.

2) It’s humorous


This is possibly the most honest, most outright title generator you can find on the internet because of it’s friendly, layman’s term approach. It’s not too serious yet it gives us the answers we need.

3) It encourages us to use descriptive words


We have to appreciate the capability of this title generator to give us the most interesting and appropriate adjective-noun word pairings. It teaches us the right adjectives to use and when to use them.

4) It has a friendly design interface

Unlike other online generators, we won’t easily get tired and bored with the design of this page because the fonts and graphics used. The chalk on blackboard school feel is a good, generic theme that many people will relate to.

5) It tells us why we should use each generated term


Yup, this is a smart title generator and it doesn’t just suggest random, easily crawled words, it even explains why each word is important in a friendly way. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is not so-so. It really shows results that are usable and relatable.

6) It gives us easy-to-modify titles


Some of the generated titles are cliche yet  very relevant. This gives us designers the freedom to modify the titles by paraphrasing or changing a few words to better suit our article.

7) It loads quickly

If this doesn’t apply to you, you might have to check your internet connection because a new title is quickly generated  as soon as you click the arrow. Give it a try.

8) It has a fairly wide selection of ideas


The generator will give you unique and fun titles that aren’t commonly used. Some may seem off at first, but click the arrow over and over and eventually you’ll find the best title for your article. There are probably over a hundred variations. Good luck!

9) It gives us a free tutorial on digital behavior


The best thing about this title generator is that designers like us can learn a bit about user behavior. Some of the descriptions are related to user behavior and experience. Visiting this site is like a attending a basic crash course on digital marketing!

10) It’s based on pop culture


Taylor Swift. Rebecca Black. Justin Bieber. Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. Selena Gomez. Jennifer Lawrence. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. Youtube. Podcasts. Autotune. All these relevant names and terms today all appear in the suggested terms and descriptions.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator does not guarantee a sure-fire article. Don’t forget that there are many great articles with dubious titles, and awful ones with fantastic titles. ;)

Do you know other effective title generators? We’d love to share them to our readers. Feel free to leave comments below.