10 Ways to Build a Name For Yourself

by . August 15th, 2008

Building a name for yourself is the best investment you can make as a designer and building up your own name recognition really isn’t as hard as you may think. If you are well know and trusted than finding work will be much easier, so check out these tips on how to get your name out there!

1. Blogging

I have mentioned the power of blogging before, but I wanted to bring it up again because its probably the best way to build a name for yourself on the web. If you want more exposure then you really should create a bog and start writing on a regular basis.

2. Commenting

Commenting on blogs is another great way to make a name for yourself. Always use your real name and try to leave comments on all the designs blogs you follow. The best way to do this is to leave a comment as soon as you can after a post has been published so more people will read it.

3. Guest Writing

Many blogs are happy to have guest writers contribute to the community. If you feel you can write an informative article, try contacting your favorite blogs with some topic ideas. Make sure you get credited properly with your name and a link back to your site.

4. Tutorial Creation

If you have a knack for creating cool effects and designs and you feel you can show the process with thumbnails or video, you should consider writing tutorials. The best thing to do would be to feature and promote them on your own website or blog and then submit them to other sites to get additional traffic.

5. Non Profit Work

Teaming up with non profits to work on projects in your free time is very honorable and can help get your name out a bit. Write down your passions or things you care about and then look for legit non profit organizations and contact them to see if you can help out!

6. Web Portfolio

Many designers still do not have an official website portfolio up. This is understandable for designers new to the field and still studying, but if you want to get a head start you should look into creating a website for your work on your own domain name as soon as possible!

7. Design Galleries

Graphic design galleries are another great way to gain name recognition. If you submit your designs and they are rated well you could end up getting a ton of exposure and even gigs. Below are a few great design galleries you can submit your best work to.

8. Portfolio Sites

Similar to design galleries there are design sites that take it a step further and let you Create a Graphic Design Portfolio. Sites such as UCreative allow you to create a portfolio, upload your work, add a bio, contact information and much more. This way you can build better name recognition and it allows people to contact for jobs and or gigs if they like what they see!

9. Interviews

Interviews are probably the best way to gain rapid exposure, but usually tend to come about once you have already gained some recognition. This isn’t always true though, there is no reason you can’t contact magazines, websites and blogs and offer to respond to interview questions. If you are serious about helping others and sharing your experience and knowledge, then you might be able to do some interviews sooner than you think!

10. Networking

Networking is probably the most important method of this entire list, so don’t let its number 10 spot fool you. Networking is essential to success so be sure to surround yourself with both successful and motivated people in your field. Be friendly, be helpful and never stop meeting new people on and offline.

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!


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