16 Sensational Poster Designs

by . January 22nd, 2008

Below are 16 of my favorite posters designs for various bands. I tried to show a wide variety of poster design styles in this collection and I hope you find them as inspirational as I do. I am sure every band felt very lucky to have such great poster designs created for them.

strawdogs1.jpg ivan-minsloff1.jpg

Left – by Strawdogs | Right by Ivan Minsloff

susan-belle1.jpg florafauna1.jpg

Left – by Susan Belle | Right by Florafauna

david-head1.jpg the-pinch1.jpg

Left – by David Head | Right by The Pinch

status-serigraph1.jpg the-bubble-process1.jpg

Left – by Status Serigraph | Right by The Bubble Process

autistk1.jpg dan-stiles1.jpg

Left – by Autistk | Right by Dan Stiles

daniel-danger1.jpg danny-seim1.jpg

Left – by Daniel Danger | Right by Danny Seim

edward-maddison1.jpg invisible-creature1.jpg

Left – by Edward Maddison | Right by Invisible Creature

patent-pending1.jpg the-small-stakes1.jpg

Left – by Patent Pending | Right by The Small Stakes

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