3 Tips for Adding a Creative Cover to the Top of a Computer Desk without Painting

by . November 1st, 2012

Spending a number of grueling hours, sitting and working on your computer desk daily to decades of usage, will unquestionably weather your furniture, accumulating streaks, scratches, stains and dust over the years. A scratched computer desk, having either big or small unattractive scuffs, can make your desk difficult to clean and get rid of dirt, plus it makes it look totally unsightly.

Protecting the exterior of your computer desk need not be expensive and difficult. There are easy, cheap and creative ways to cover streaks and scratches on your computer desks which can restore it to its former glory and make it more attractive and appealing again. Here are some ways:

1. Decoupage computer desk


Redecorating your computer desk through artistic decoupage makes use of paper cutouts that are glued on the surface of your desk. Aside from wrapping paper as the main medium, you are going to need sponge, distilled white vinegar and clean paintbrushes. Your wooden computer desk should be allowed to dry after being dried clean using a mixture of 50 percent distilled white vinegar and 50 percent water.

A decoupaged desk


Wrapping paper measured and trimmed according to the computer desk top and sides should be used to cover your desk after the application of a thin layer of white glue and should be left to air dry. A thin layer of decoupage medium should be applied to your computer desk surface while carefully pressing and smoothening out the wrapping paper onto the desk and should be left to dry for at least 15 minutes. The last step should be repeated for at least four times.


2. Waxing your computer desk

Another way of redecorating or covering your stained wooden computer desk is by using a paste wax. Stains can be removed by applying denatured alcohol after cleaning your desk surface with mild soap and water. Applying paste wax on the surface using a very fine steel wool could restore the glossy hard finish of your wood computer desk.


Paste wax


Once dry, the surface should be polished using cotton cloth. It is suggested to completely strip down the wood and apply wood stain if your computer desk surface has accumulated dark stains. Badly stained areas of your desk can also be covered up using decals or transfers with printed patterns or images.

3. Covering using contact paper

Contact papers which can be used to restore glass computer desks come in various colors and designs. Once measured and trimmed according to the size specifications of the glass desk, bond the contact paper on the desk from left to right.


Various contact paper designs



It should be smoothened alongside a plastic wall paper afterwards. It can be enhanced using vinyl upholstery placed on the surface of the desk with the pattern facing down using an adhesive and an art board positioned at the center of the upholstery.

For those who can afford it, disposing it and purchasing a new one might be the better option. But for others whose budget is at a bare minimum, investing in new computer furniture will cost them much of both time and money. If you don’t mind being creative, the tips above will surely give you a fun and unforgettable experience with your home office desk. Try it for yourself!


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