5 Ways to Ensure Returning Clients

by . September 25th, 2007

Returning clients are an essential part of running a design business. Building solid relationships with clients will ensure steady work and jobs when you least expect it. Happy clients will also be the first ones to refer you to a friend or colleague.

Be Professional

Make sure you have a well designed portfolio site that’s easy to navigate and business cards to hand out. Make yourself easy to reach by phone, email and instant messenger and use whatever medium your client is most comfortable with. Don’t forget to keep in constant contact with your clients about the project and its status.

This lets them know you are not neglecting them and that you are working hard on their project. Most importantly make sure you put all your effort into every design and never leave a client unhappy. Always try to resolve any issues that arrive.

Be Informative

Most clients are not design experts so helping them understand the design process is essential to making them feel comfortable. I find that clients are much happier when they leave with a good design and new knowledge.

Be Helpful

Don’t be afraid to help your clients out. If there are things you can do for them like making a phone call to a hosting company or solving a problem then do it. It will take stress off of your clients and will definitely give you a better chance of them returning to you for more work.

Be Generous

Sometimes offering something extra or for free can be a great way to close a deal. Occasionally I will offer a free web banner design or something similar depending on the size of the project. Money is definitely important, but sometimes you have to think of the big picture and give people a little price break if its going to mean getting the job or not.

Be Thankful

Let your clients know it was a pleasure working with them and that you look forward to working with them again in the future.


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