5 Ways to Squeeze More Money Out of Clients

by . October 2nd, 2009

If you are a freelance designer doing websites and graphic design work for clients, there are certain services your client will often be in need of. For example web hosting would probably be the most common service needed. You probably know a few good hosting companies already and would simply recommend a few choices to a client, but why not sign up for the hosting affiliate programs and ask them to use your referral link?

A lot of hosting companies give you $50-100 for a referral! That’s a nice chunk of change for not doing anything if you ask me. If you do a lot of websites each year you could potentially make a few thousand more dollars a year just by getting clients to use your hosting affiliate link! If this sounds interesting to you, check out some other ideas for generating extra money from referring clients below.

How to Squeeze Money Out of Clients With Affiliate Programs


1. Printing

As a freelance graphic designer the thing you can promote the most is a printing company. Most graphic designers have a favorite printing company mine being of course =). Printing companies like UPrinting often have a Printing Affiliate Program you can use to help your clients print work. This can help offset some of your expenses and can bring you in a lot of extra income each year!

2. Email Marketing

Many businesses want to build up email lists because they can be a very powerful way of keeping in touch with customers and bringing in new business. If a client asks you about an email marketing and list soultion you can tell them about one of the many great services out there such as MailChimp, which has a partnership program waiting for you.

3. Shopping Carts

If your client needs to set up an online store there are plenty of really great software solutions out there that can save them thousands of dollars on a custom coded store and earn you a few bucks as well. 1shoppingcart is a popular e-commerce solution that has an affiliate program you can promote.

4. Website Security

Some of your clients maybe be creating online stores or websites with private information that needs to be protected. Website can be secured with SSL certificates and that means you could recommend a quality SSL certificate service to your client and get a referral commission as well. Comodo is a good choice for SSL Certificates and they have an affiliate program you can sign up to.

5. Hosting

As mentioned earlier web hosting will probably be the most common thing you can recommend to a client as a web freelancer. HostGator is a very good hosting company with a solid affiliate program that has a tier based commission system starting at $50!

Feel free to recommend any other services design clients often need that have affiliate programs below!

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