6 People Every Graphic Designer Should Know

by . November 20th, 2008

Networking is one of the most important things you can do in any industry and the graphic design industry is no exception. Below is a list of 6 types of people every graphic designer should know. So start networking with the right people now and you might be able to dodge some bullets and have a more successful career in design!

1. Accountant

Unless you are an expert at something as important as your finances, I would recommend finding an expert. The graphic design career is not always the most financially stable one, especially if you are working freelance or running your own studio. Like most businesses their is often a constant battle to find new clients and actually get your clients to pay up. Having a professional accountant can help you make the most of the money you do have, help you save money and keep things organized you; saving you lots of time and money.

2. Lawyer

No one wants to have to hire a lawyer ( because that often means there’s a problem ), but having a lawyer on hand can is very important. Whether its about negotiating a contract or settling a dispute with clients, having a lawyer ready to go that you trust is very valuable. Start off by asking family and friends if they know anyone and make sure you know what the lawyer specializes in because most lawyers will only accept certain types of cases, so you may need to make contact with several different types of lawyers or a firm that can handle multiple types of issues.

3. Web Designer

Having both graphic and web design skills is great and something to work towards, but many graphic designer prefer to specialize in graphic design, don’t have the time to code websites or just dislike coding sites! If that’s the case then you should have at least two web designer contacts that you can outsource work to when needed. They can help you set up your portfolio site, code websites for clients and help ensure your website is optimized for search engine traffic, meaning more projects for you!

4. A Better Designer

Its always good to have a mentor or at least some one you consider a more experienced designer. Getting honest critiques by some one with a fresh eye is very important. Designers often miss errors and other details after looking at the same design for 10 hours so being able to show other designers your work and get some good feedback is priceless.

5. Another Person in the Industry

Actually, you should have as many contacts in the industry as humanly possible! Knowing people in the industry will help you stay up to date with the latest industry news, jobs openings and much more. be sure to make actual friends and stay in contact though because its rude to talk to some one once and then 3 years later ask for a huge favor! So be professional, respectful and helpful to all your contacts.

6. Photographer

Photography is another valuable skill set not all designers have time to pick up. A great photographer can help you create custom stock photos, textures and even shoot your own work. Showcasing your design projects in real life situations or even just printed and photographed with a nice background is a proven method of getting more clients. It makes viewers of your personal portfolio or studio website more comfortable knowing your work has actually been printed and displayed in public!

Who else should designers know? Let us know in the comments!


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