6 Things Every Designer Should Have

by . July 7th, 2008

A Print Portfolio

Even though it is arguably more important to have a web portfolio, you can’t neglect having a print portfolio! Many studios and companies want to look at a print portfolio because it can tell them more about you as a designer, especially if you are applying for a print design job. You can refer to our graphic design portfolio guide for more info.

A Disposable Print Portfolio

Most of the time you will be asked to leave a copy of your portfolio behind and you may not want to leave your original work, or an expensive portfolio case with them. Find a less expensive case and re create a few copies of your portfolio that you can leave behind at all the places you are applying to.

A PDF Portfolio

PDFs of your work are also commonly requested. Your PDF pages should be combined together to form a single file, it should match the style of your identity system and have your contact information. Your PDF file must be as small as possible, under 2MB is recommended, but often your potential employer will specify preferred file size. Sending a huge size file that takes forever to open is a sure way not get hired.

A Website Portfolio

A portfolio site is the main weapon in a modern designer’s arsenal and a one page portfolio is the perfect way to create your portfolio site. They are fast loading, easy to view and showcase your work perfectly. Be sure to look into website marketing and search engine optimization so you can make the most of your portfolio site.

A Resume, Cover Letter and Business Card

A well designed and consistent resume, cover letter and business card are a must have for every designer. Be sure to keep the copy on these items up to date for a guide on resume design check out our post: The Graphic Design Resume Guide

A Printer Contact

Having a friendly business relationship with a local printer or online printing company has many benefits. Often you can get discounts on printing, faster turnaround times and you will be aware of the latest printing techniques and equipment, which is essential to the graphic design process. Be sure to visit the shop in person if possible, or at least become very familiar with their website and templates so you can make the most of your printer contact.

What tools do you find essential as a modern graphic designer?


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