65 Places to Find a Graphic Designer

by . September 15th, 2008

Graphic Design is an essential aspect of any businesses, giving business a face and way to communicate with clients and a way for employees to communicate with each other, but finding the perfect graphic designer is often a challenge for many. Not only is this list perfect for anyone looking for graphic designers, but this list of resources is great for any designer looking for more work and exposure.

There are many outlets designers use to promote themselves nowadays, most of which are online such as design galleries. Not every graphic designer uses every single outlet so by knowing these places you will be able to find the perfect designer for your business!

Likewise, as graphic designers its important to promote your services in as many different places as possible so that you can increase the chances of getting new business. Below is a large list of places to find graphic designers and if you are a graphic designer you should considering creating a portfolio, profile or promoting your services using the following sites:

Places to Find a Graphic Designer

Design Galleries & Portfolio Sites

Resume Sites



Job Boards

Graphic Design Forums


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