7 Effective Creativity Boosters

by . June 27th, 2013

Staying creatively inspired all the time is not easy. Most people working on the creative industry has experienced the feeling of getting stucked at any point of an on-going project.

Breaking through a creative block is the first step, but still, many are having the problem of keeping the flow of creativity.

Fortunately, there are various ways and techniques to boost one’s creativity. Here are some creativity boosters that might help you:


1. Think INSIDE the box.


Think inside the box


Most of us might probably heard the advice “think outside the box”. But when keeping that creative spark, this will not be the best advice to consider. Setting restrictions or guidelines refine your problem, giving rise to undiscovered possibilities that might be useful in making the most creative solution to your problem. Limiting yourself to specific guidelines and requirements brings out your most creative side.


2. Take risks.


Take risks


Creative people dare to take risk that make them remain creative. Most part of creativity is trying out new things with unpredictable outcomes. Not knowing the outcome will challenge you to exert more creative ideas for better result.


3. Do the opposites.


Do the opposites


If you are a digital painter, try to draw on paper. If you design in black and white, try something done with color. The escape from your comfort zone can free your mind and develop new ideas.


4. Use the “What If?” technique.


Use the WHAT IF? technique


What if I switch the colors? What if I use a darker background? What if I use a different typeface? Exploring possibilities by letting your mind wander opens new opportunities for more creative ideas.


5. Visualize images in mind and widen your imagination.




Imagine. Having the skill to easily visualize ideas in the mind can be achieved through a lot of ways: reading fiction, watching sci fi films or playing video games.


6. Use mind maps.


Use mind maps


Explore the topic or problem by creating a mind map through a group brainstorming. Filling up a blank sheet of paper with your growing ideas will make way for better creative concepts.


7. Spend time with nature.


Spend time with nature


A change in the environment helps a lot in keeping the creativity flowing. Spending time alone under a tree or watching the ocean waves will recharge your mind and get back to work with more creative and fresher ideas.


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 Now it’s your turn! How do you keep those creative juices flowing?


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Stay creative everyone!