9 Color Combinations To Try This 2015

by . February 3rd, 2015

Finding the right color combination takes a lot of practice and hard work. Don’t you just wish that every color combination you can think of can be as compatible as black and white? It’s as if those two colors were destined for each other. When it comes to design, pairing up the right colors is like playing matchmaker; if they don’t work out, you’ll feel a little guilty for pairing them up in the first place.

Although we do have color scheme generators that can tell us which colors go well together, the decision is still up to us designers; whether we would follow the color combination suggested based on the color wheel or break the rules and rely on our personal taste in creating our own. Just like in any relationship, we have to stir things up a little to keep the fire burning. Aside from tried and tested color combinations, we’ve listed down 9 color combinations to try this 2015.

These color combinations are fit for interiors, fashion, print, and general design as seen on the samples below. Some of these may sound like complete eyesores, but when used appropriately, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve paired a match made in heaven. :)

Green and Purple


Light Pink and Red


Blue and Orange


Brown and Red


Navy Blue and Pink


Gray and Brown


Coral and Blue


Pink and Orange


Purple and Gray


Care to share other unique color combinations you’ve tried recently? If you’ve been successful in using any of the combos above, don’t hesitate to let us know.