9 Games For Graphic Designers

by . December 30th, 2014

There will be a lot of waiting and awkward moments with relatives this holiday season. We designers have to find ways to keep ourselves occupied with different activities but still celebrate the holidays with our friends and loved ones. Here are a few creative treats for graphic designers. Keep yourself busy when mom’s not looking with these 9 games for graphic designers.

1) Kern Type



Kern Type is a simple word kerning game. Move the middle letters a little to the left, a little to the right. If you feel like the letters can breathe equally, hit the compare button to see how well you’ve done.

2) Kill Comic Sans



Kill Comic Sans is a shooting game where your cursor is a gun aiming at the words that appear. The word is “Comic Sans” in the same font. Sounds easy? On a mobile device, maybe. We failed miserably with our desktops at work!

3) Colors



This is a challenging yet fun game that puts your knowledge of colors to the test. Brush up on your color theories. Match the color on  Know common color terms such as analogous, complementary and tetradic. Beware of the triadic colors– it’s the trickiest part.

4) Helvetica VS Arial



This isn’t what you think it is, it’s not a spot the difference game. It’s a literal fight between the Arial alphabet and the Helvetica alphabet. By default, the player is team Helvetica.

Use your cursor to bump or jump on the Arial letter. The team with the most remaining character wins. The downside though is that there is no clear ending because once a team runs out of characters, it’s given a new set of characters. No one really wins, in a way. ;)

5) Pixactly



Pixactly is a cool game for designers because it tests your skills on sizes. You must draw the given height and width pixels on the blank space. The results will show you if you’re better in identifying the height or the width.

6) Shape Type



If you’re good with the Adobe pen tool then this should be a breeze. The only problem is, you need to know how each given font face looks like before acing this game which makes it one of the hardest game sin this list.

7) X-Rite Online Color Challenge



Let’s see how well you know your hues. Arrange the colors to form a seamless gradient from end to end. Don’t cheat your friends and say you got a really high score. This game isn’t new and most people already know that the highest score is actually zero! :p

8) Shoot the Serif



Do you know your serif and sans serif fonts? You better, because that’s the only rule of the game: shoot the serif. Identify the serif font from the sans serif font and simply shoot it.

9) Ragtime 



Ragtime is a kerning game where you’ll have to properly arrange the layout of the paragraph to fit the acceptable layout standards. It may sound easy at first but here’s the catch: you can only use the keyboard for spacing and backspacing.

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