9 Graphic Design Channels You Need To Subscribe To

by . November 21st, 2015

YouTube is the greatest resource of audio-visual knowledge to date.

I’m guilty of browsing the weird recesses of Youtube sometimes and I’m pretty sure you are too. But within the grunge and grime that are cat videos, exploding whales and kids who like turtles, there are hidden gems that you can find within the trough.

Like graphic design tutorials!

I’ve compiled some of the best design channels the you need to subscribe to. Check them out below:

My Damn Channel – You Suck at Photoshop.

This is more of a web series and not a channel but I highly recommend it. Created in 2007 by Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch of the Big Fat Institute for Advanced Interactive Design, it was actually a parody of YouTube tutorials at the time. Using adult humor and storylines, it featured the main character Donnie Hoyle and his personal and career problems as he demonstrates Adobe Photoshop tools and techniques.

Andrei Oprinca – PSD Box

Adrian’s Youtube channel specializes on post-processing. It contains 20-30 video tutorials on photography effects and manipulation using Photoshop. Adrian actually studies economics and his site, PSD Box, is just a side hobby but the quality of his work is arguably better than those who took design classes.

Michael Woloszynowicz

There aren’t a lot of videos in Michael Woloszynowicz’s channel but that is compensated by his intricate tutorials and his clear voice explaining each step that he takes. His tutorials focus on post-processing and correction.

Matt Borchert

Matt Brochert has three years worth of Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials in his channel. Aside from the design tutorials ranging from the simple basics of the Pen tool to more complex banners and badges, he also provides graphic design commentaries and gives resources for free. What I like best is his technology orientation, helpful for UX/UI design as well as finding the right hardware for design work.

Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis started his channel seven years ago and thus have three-quarters of a decade’s worth of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials for you to peruse. I learned lots of techniques from his channel but my favorite would have to be how to blend two different photos when compositing.

Will Paterson

Logo design and typography are probably the bread and butter of a graphic designer, something Will Paterson extensively talks about in his YouTube channel. He posts Illustrator tutorials as well as his design process in conceptualizing logos and typographic projects.


Swerve’s is another channel focusing on logo design and typography. Created for the online learning company by LinkedIn, it features a collection of simple and complex Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials with topics such as flat design and shading.

Ch-Ch-Check It

It’s not your conventional design channel but more of a mishmash of different topics from Photoshop and After Effects to HTML and Minecraft. Ch-Ch-Check It’s tutorials are actually well done, especially if you’re into animated designs.

Howard Pinsky

If you like simple but effective, Howard Pinsky’s channel has quick tutorials that you can watch that also includes write-ups on the tools used in the video, helpful for beginners and veterans alike. He could be a bit fast but the quality of his tutorials makes up for it.

Do you have any more recommended YouTube channels? Comment them below!


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