9 Great Subreddits For The Graphics Designer

by . October 25th, 2014

Designing a logo? Layouting a user interface? Looking for resources on your next personal project? Graphic design is hard work and most of us go to sites like Reddit to unwind with cat pictures.

But Reddit is no longer a place to pass the time (or maybe, it still is). The “front page of the internet” can also be a great resource for design information and a hub to interact with like-minded individuals. There are a lot of design-related subreddits out there, each specializing on specific topics ranging from typography, logo design, and even some hilarious tales from the design industry.

So I’ve compiled a list of subreddits for you to peruse for your pleasure. Check them out:

1. /r/design


Get an A with Comic Sans

The mothership of all design subreddits, /r/design boasts over 100,000 subscribers with topics ranging from graphic design to furniture design. This subreddit bans spec work and low-effort posts such as memes which makes this a very relevant general design subreddit.

2. /r/photoshopbattles

If you want to put your Photoshop skills to the test, /r/photoshopbattles is the best subreddit for you. A mixture of timing, your actual photoshop skill, and an uncanny ability to tickle that Reddit sweet spot (cats, I think) are needed to participate in this fast-paced community and hoard that precious karma.



Unlike most subreddits where the actual image is submitted as a link, the offerings of /r/photoshopbattles are in the comment section. Redditors would submit an unaltered image to the subreddit and other commenters would upload a photoshopped version of the image, ranging from the funny to the creepy.

There is also a themed photoshop battle each week. Admins would specify contest rules and winners would get flairs next to their reddit username.

3. /r/graphic_design

With over 55,000 subscribers, /r/graphic_design is one of the most active design-related subreddits. Described as a subreddit for “News, Inspiration, Theory and Resources for visual communicators,” it contains topics about logo design, print design, and commercial illustration. Infographics, branding and advertising, and kinetic typography is covered as well.


Simplify your graphs

The subreddit also encourages discussion on graphic design theory, tips and techniques, and trends on the graphic design industry. However, the subreddit is mainly for inspirational work and techniques only. Critiques on personal work are redirected to other subreddits such as /r/design_critique

4. /r/typography


Type vs Message

A place for anything typography, /r/typography contains links and discussion on the art of typesetting and glyph design. It also contains resources on typography, especially for beginners. It doesn’t allow bad typography though (unless for educational purposes), so sorry, Comic Sans MS haters.

5. /r/logodesign


Designers and flipped C’s

If the subreddit name doesn’t give it away, /r/logodesign is all about logos. This subreddit discusses topics from recent redesigned logos to generic branding-tropes to avoid. You can also submit some of your logo work for feedback from the community, although a more specialized subreddit /r/logo_critique also exists.

6. /r/crappydesign

Ah, the repository of everything that keeps designers up at night. /r/crappydesign is a subreddit dedicated to calling out crappy design, because someone has to do it YOU NEED TO DO IT BECAUSE YOU’RE A PATRIOT, DAMMIT!

Tasteless Sugar

From useless product designs to questionable ad posters, lurking in this subreddit would make your cringe. And that Comic Sans font isn’t helping either.

7. /r/designthought

10-22-2014 10-10-54 PM

Hollow icons research study

Although this subreddit is not as active and has less subscribers compared to the other subs in this list, /r/designthought is still worth checking out because of its discussion. It contains topics and deeper stories on the theories behind the design process as well as research on building user interfaces.

8. /r/talesfromdesigners

10-22-2014 6-13-18 PM

Lorem Ipsum

We all have those funny, embarrassing, or depressing client stories (or you will have, in the future). /r/talesfromdesigners contains some short tales about the day-to-day lives of designers and their interaction with clients. Some are hilarious, but some would definitely make your face meet your desk.

9. /r/unsolicitedredesigns

10-22-2014 10-22-07 PM


iTunes Concept

If you stay up all night thinking that a website needs a redesign or a company needs some rebranding, /r/unsolicitedredesigns is the place to dump your ideas. And hopefully, let you sleep earlier.

Honorable mentions:
/r/TheFutureIsNow — Futuristic designs that could give you inspiration
/r/design_critiques and /r/logo_critique — For getting feedback on your work
/r/DesignJobs — Place for hiring managers to meet with designers

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Any subreddit that I missed? Hit us in the comments below.


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