A Kickstarter Project to Produce the Ultimate Anatomy Reference Book for Artists

by . March 28th, 2014

The human form is probably one of the most difficult subjects to draw. Many artists, including myself, have encountered difficulties in drawing the right human pose we need for a creative project. To be able to solve this, we ended up browsing books and the Internet for the right position or make an actual person do the pose as the reference. Visual artist, Bryce Frits wanted to eliminate this long process by designing “Super Anatomy Vol. 1“, the ultimate anatomy reference book for artists, featuring various human poses in different viewing angles. The book project is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

 Super Anatomy Volume 1

Setting it apart from other reference books, Super Anatomy will show 100 poses from 24 different camera angles, with eight cameras located at three different heights. “Reference has always been a valuable tool for artists,” Frits explained.

24 Camera-Setup-Graphic

[pullquote]It helps us to visualize in our minds how the body is structured and how the muscles move and change when performing different actions. Super Anatomy will be beneficial to any artist who works with human anatomy, including comic book artists, concept artists, painters, sculptors and animators.[/pullquote]



Project creator Bryce Frits, is an illustrator and graphic designer himself. Frits hopes the book will appeal to artists of all ages and backgrounds. “The majority of reference out there uses fully nude models,” he said. “By not using fully nude models, we wanted to make a book that would be useful for more mature artists, while still being appropriate for younger artists.”

Artist’s Hideout is attempting to raise funds to produce Super Anatomy via their recently launched Kickstarter. By funding their Kickstarter, artists will receive both the high-quality reference book with more than 2,400 images as well as a DVD with high-definition versions of every image.  This resource will allow artists to have a more detailed view of each of the positions.