New “Out of This World” Trend in Web Design

by . April 14th, 2008

While browsing a variety of CSS web design galleries, I started to notice a recurring theme in several website designs. The theme I noticed was out of this world! All the sites had a space theme, where you could see planets, stars and or nebula type effects. Its not like we haven’t see spaced themed websites before, people have been doing them for a while, but whats interesting is when there is a sudden resurgence of an old theme or new theme.

The last theme I noticed a lot of designers implementing was a wood grain theme, where the background would be some sort of wood texture and often you would see the text over rectangles with lowered opacity. This theme is still all over the place, but now I’m starting to see a lot of websites with this space theme.

Two Reasons Themes Spread Like Wildfire

1. Sites like, Behance, Corofolot and Design:Related allow designers to view other portfolio websites very quickly and easily. Designers then absorb everything they see such as a cool themes or design elements and introduce the theme or element to their own work or site.

2. A lot of designers follow tutorial sites like PSD Tuts which sometimes have tutorials such as “Create Spectacular Concept Art in Photoshop” and “Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial“, which inspire designers to implement what they just learned into their own website.

Below are a bunch of websites with space themes that were submitted to recent CSS gallery websites such as CSS Mania and CSS Remix. Anyone else notice a sudden resurgence of space themed website or any other themes?












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