A Proposed Layout for a Cleaner and More Readable Wikipedia

by . February 13th, 2014

Wikipedia has been an important part of the web as much as Google and Facebook. Having an almost complete reference of almost all things on the planet in just a click is important in this fast changing world. But while other websites are constantly changing their user interface to adapt with the changing needs of their users, Wikipedia has maintained the same page design and layout over the years.

Describing the current Wikipedia’s design which has a lot of visual distractions, 1910 Design and Communication has created a proposed cleaner Wikipedia layout for better readability. The Swedish design firm cited that too small fonts, too long lines, tiny pictures and too tight leading distract the users from actual reading on the page.

The new version features a much cleaner and more readable layout by pushing content to the center, use of readable text size, bigger images, increase leading, clever use of white spaces and an easy to follow hierarchy. The use of grid in the process makes the layout more proportional when viewed on phones and tablets without the need of any applications.

Check out here more more information about this project.


Wikipedia Desktop Layout via 1910 Design & Communication

Wikipedia Desktop Layout via 1910 Design and Communication

Proposed Wikipedia Desktop Layout

Wikipedia Tablet Layout via 1910 Design and Communication

Proposed Wikipedia Tablet Layout

Wikipedia Phone Layout via 1910 Design and Communication

Proposed Wikipedia Phone Layout

Images via 1910 Design & Communication.

What do you guys think of this Wkipedia layout concept? Do you think it is about time for the giant Internet resource to update their design? Share to us your thoughts in the comments!