Adapted Movie Posters Featuring Cars Manufactured On The Same Year

by . September 27th, 2014

Car enthusiasts, behold! It’s time we put the focus on old cars that should have made it to the big screens. YTD reader, Laura Creed, gave us a tip about these cool adaptations of movie posters which feature cars manufactured on the year each movie was released. It’s interesting how the artist was able to illustrate the cars to suit their respective movies. Moreover, it’s fascinating how the artist paired the manufacturing year to the movie release date.


The guys say “There is no plan B,” but this van looks like a very good alternative to the A Team van.


This truck isn’t a typical race car and it certainly won’t go faster than a Volkswagen, but meet a monster truck version of Herbie. To be honest, it’s hard to call this a friendly name like “Herbie.” It might work for another film.


Imagine this tiny car cruising around the man-made jungle.  I think the car model won’t matter if you have a T-Rex on your tail 70% of the time. It just needs to be light, compact, and fast.


Will the Ghostbusters capture any ghosts in this automobile or will it repel them? This isn’t a spooky choice.


This isn’t so bad. It looks similar to the one used in the film. With the right tweaking, Doc and Marty could have easily pulled this off.


Can you picture Bruce Wayne getting out of this? In 1966, this would have been a realistic choice. We’re just not sure how his man-cape would fit inside this small tin can.


You can see the full explanation behind each movie poster via ToolOrders.