Adobe Asks Creatives To Give Their Logo A Personalized Remix

by . October 21st, 2015

Is Adobe changing their iconic logo?


Not really. But they are doing something better.

Adobe has always enjoyed a special place in the creative’s workplace. Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator is perhaps the most sought after requirement for creative jobs in the market. Mastery of the tools created by Adobe is a measure of how far you’ve gone as a designer.

And Adobe is using that for their corporate branding. Kind of.


Sagmeister & Walsh


Natalie Shau

Since 2013, Adobe has invited numerous creatives to put a personal touch in their own corporate logo.

In their Behance post, the company explained “The Adobe brand has always been personal,” citing the designer of the original logo Marissa, wife of co-founder John Warnock. Warnock along with Charles Geschke founded the company after leaving Xerox PARC.



Robert Hodgin


Alex Trochut



Dubbed as Adobe Remix, the project aims to celebrate the spirit of creativity within the creative community.

“We invited a select group of creatives to express what Adobe means to them through their work. We asked them to play, experiment, hack, make, socialize, datafy, dimensionalize, illustrate, and mashup our logo any way they see fit as part of the Adobe logo remix.”

Andres Amador


The Made Shop



Ash Thorp is the 13th designer to take on the Adobe Remix challenge. In his Behance post, he mentioned that he wanted to tell a personal story that would visually portray his path of Adobe’s creative influence.

“When I personally reflect on how Adobe has benefited my career , I immediately think of the numerous occasions that it has helped me communicate the complex ideas living in my mind out for others to see. When I was given the opportunity to be part of the Adobe Remix project, I really wanted to focus on sharing that creative connection in some capacity,” Ash wrote.

Ash created an experience-driven motion picture devoid of words “to allow raw power of subjective imagery propel and captivate the viewer scene to scene.” He calls it The Incept.

Ash used Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4D to create his project, citing the importance of the tools but added that the true undeniable key to creativity is to speak your own personal voice.

“It is your own personal curiosity and the variations of choice in personal discovery which ultimately defines you, your personal signature, that separates you from the rest.”

Check out the rest of Adobe Remix here.

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