An Untapped Market

by . October 24th, 2007

If you browse the Internet as much as me you probably have come across a standard sales letter website. These websites are usually long one page sites that try to sell you an Ebook or a piece of software. They list endless reasons why you should buy their product and usually provide customer testimonials.

Now, I’m not saying they don’t work, because if they didn’t make sales you probably wouldn’t see as many as you do. But my question is: Why do they all have to be so ugly? I have yet to see a good looking sales letter website, and I have looked at dozens of them.

My guess is that they spend so much time perfecting the sales copy to convert well that they totally forget about the design aspect. Or maybe the fact that it looks like a sales letter is actually a benefit, but we don’t really have time to perform any studies on this. I do believe, however, that effective copy paired with a good design would increase their sales even more.

How to Find Them

Since I have yet to see a well-designed one I think this could be a good opportunity for some of you to start targeting these websites and offering them your professional design services. A good way to find these sites is to think of different types of keywords and then enter that keyword into Google with the word ‘affiliate’ or ‘affiliate program’ after it and you can usually find some of theses sites.

This is because most of them have an affiliate program in order to generate more sales by paying people commissions to promote their products. I hope this gives you guys some ideas of the types of untapped markets out there for design!


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