25 Artists on Instagram you should Follow to Boost your Creativity

by . May 7th, 2014

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:44 am

Much like other social accounts, Instagram has been a part of the daily lives of most of us. With more than 200 million monthly users sharing 60 million photos on a daily basis, Instagram is now a major source of inspiration not just for photography enthusiasts but creatives as a whole. From the behind-the-scenes look at creative processes, and unique photography series to breathtaking sceneries and creative short videos, Instagram has them all.

Today in YTD, we have listed some of the most creatively inspiring artists on Instagram you might want to follow for your daily dose of creative juices. The list features photographers, illustrators, fashion designers, street artists, and many other creatives, with cool projects all being shared on Instagram. Check them out below, and you might just want to lessen your selfie photos, start creating a unique Instagram project, and get Instagram comments full of appraisal!

Enjoy, and have a creative day ahead, everyone!


1. Javier Pérez | @cintascotch – for whimsical photos combining doodles and ordinary objects

Javier Pérez

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2. Audrey Kawasaki | @audkawa – for behind the scene look at her flawless paintings

Audrey Kawasaki


3. Chris Connolly | @chrisconnolly – for breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes

Chris Connolly


4. J Scott Campbell | @jscottcampbellart – for some dose of comic book art stuff

J Scott Campbell


5. Ryan McGinness | @mcginnessworks – for words and phrases in various typography styles

Ryan McGinness


6. Kerstin Hiestermann | @spielkkind – for more conceptual photos of objects combined with drawings

Kerstin Hiestermann


7. Cj Hendry | @cj_hendry – for jaw-dropping photorealistic pen drawings

Cj Hendry

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8. Adam Senatori | @adamsenatori – for some amazing aerial photography

Adam Senatori


9. Sam Larson | @samlarson – for some incredibly small but detailed drawings

Sam Larson


10. Cheryl H | thedreamingclouds – for creating comic and fantasy scenes by adding drawings to photos

Cheryl H


11. Julie Lee | @julieskitchen – for more organized taking photos of food

Julie Lee


12. Mike | @emotionslive – for photos of amazing drawings fresh from his table



13. Robert Jahns | @nois7 – for cool photos of death-defying scenes

Robert Jahns


14. Manon Wethly | @manonwethly –  for photos of flying stuff

Manon Wethly


15.  Jo Harrison | @joharrisontattoo – for some dose of cool tattoos

Jo Harrison


16. Zachary Smith | @zacharysmithh – for some awesome hand drawn typographic quotes

Zachary Smith


17. Liv Buranday | @livscreams – for some amazing ground coffee art

Liv Buranday


18. Darryll Jones | @darrylljones – for everyday adventures of stormtroopers

Darryll Jones


19. Lisa Evans | @firefluff – for her cute and surreal sketched worlds

Lisa Evans


20. Daniel Arsham | @daniel_arsham – for some dose of his intriguing sculptures and designs

Daniel Arsham


21. Joshua Geyer | @joshuabgeyer – for some amazing street art

Joshua Geyer


22. Grace Chon | @thegracechon – for cute stuff like a series of fun portraits of a dog and a baby

Grace Chon


23. Lena Ker | @lenaker – for some dose of fashion illustrations

Lena Ker


24. Mattias Adolfsson | @mattiasink – for some awesome baroque style illustrations

Mattias Adolfsson


25. Osgemeos | @osgemeos – for more street art and installations



Do you know other creative Instagram accounts we should add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!