Clever Sunflower Mix Direct Mail Piece

by . March 21st, 2008

The other day I noticed something interesting in my pile of mail. It was a little pack of Sunflower Mix that you would plant in your garden and was exactly what you would find at your local plant shop, but the catch was it was an ad for a real estate agent!


Photo by AllenHsu

So I took a Closer Look

The front said “Bright Days are Ahead!” which is a nice uplifting message to read while taking in your new gift. I think this is a clever ad because you rarely get stuff like this in the mail and the gift itself really softens the fact that its actually an advertisement. The fact that its more of a gift then a typical ad will also greatly reduce the chances of the recipient throwing it out and should also increase the chances of further reading.

The back simply has the agents information along with a short pitch. I took a closer look at the back and saw the name Sparrow & Jacobs, which led me to do a Google search. The Google search pulled up this website which is a site that specializes in marketing tools for real estate agents. Sure enough I was able to find the exact piece I got in the mail.

Design and advertising go hand more often then not and its important for designers to know that its safe to think outside the box. You should also never stop exploring new ways to help your clients connect with their potential clients.

Have any of you received any interesting advertisements like the one above in your mail lately?


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