These Cozy Cats Will Warm You Up For The Chilly Season

by . September 22nd, 2015

You know the words of House Stark.


True enough, the season is getting colder and all I could think about is sitting near the fireplace in a cold night drinking hot coffee while listening to some smooth sax and… I should stop the work day fantasy.

These cats though are the very definition of cozy.

Munich-based character designer Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde calls them the Cozy Cats Club. Using a mixture of watercolor and colored pencils, she created six cute cat characters in comfortable clothing. Much like their real life counterparts, Fuzzy, Foxy, Snuggly, Coffy, Stubby and Wooly are illustrated with varying personalities but all of them are cute!

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle Snugg— I mean, if there’s any big hit in the internet, it would be cats right?

Check out the Ira’s illustrations below before my inner cat person unleash itself: 

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Visit Ira’s websites: Etsy Instagram DeviantArt YouTube Facebook

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