Cute Coffee Cups that Change Moods

by . August 28th, 2014

A group consisting of talented artists was tasked with creating a limited series of souvenir cups to help establish the identity of Gawatt takeout coffee shop. What they ended up with are what came to be known as Gawatt Emotions. These are not your typical coffee cups. These will definitely bring a little twist to your mood, amusing you as you get your caffeine fix. Art Director Stepan Azaryan, Graphic Designer Karen Gevorgyan, and Illustrator Narine Manvelyan collaborated to work on  this wonderful idea of cups altering facial expressions as customers rotate the sleeve.


“Customize the faces according to your mood or let them lead your emotions! “

This idea is so cool. I think people are going to love this so much that they’ll want to see more these funny designs. If they’re going to make another set of designs, I’d love to see superhero cups and see what their expressions would look like.

Would you like to know more about the creative people behind this project? Visit Backbone Branding’s website. They have tons of amazing projects for their clients’ brands. I bet you’ll like them.

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