Using Data Visualization to Show The Happiest Places in the World

by . July 15th, 2014

Last updated on 8th December 2023

If you have ever wondered where is the happiest place on Earth? You might want to take a look at Moritz Stefaner’s latest data visualization.

Renowned information designer Mortiz Stefaner who is behind the infamous data viz Selfiecity which is an interactive website analyzing various selfies from New York to Bangkok has designed a new data visualization tool aimed to show and measure the whole world’s happiness with a more objective data source. With the help of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD and Dominikus Baur, they have created a gorgeous interactive tool namely the OECD Regional Well-Being Index.


The tool ranks countries and cities through various metrics such as health, safety, education, jobs, environmental quality, civic engagement and income. The tool easily visualizes each country’s well-being index through a multicolored flower. The individual petal of the flower is comprised of the various metrics as mentioned and each arm represents the metrics which can be then clicked for more information.


The interactive map covers 34 member countries and rates them with a relative score out of 10. The OECD Regional Well-Being Index is a part of the Better Life Initiative. The initiative is aimed to better understand what drives well-being of a nation and what needs to done in order to achieve a better it.


By making big data look sleeker and visually interesting through data visualization, it comes to no surprise that the world is becoming more and more data-centric and not to mention very user-friendly regardless of educational background and geographical location.


Do not forget to take a look at other projects of Stefaner and OECD’s Better Life Index if you like more data visualization inspiration. What do you guys think? How did your country or city fared with the OECD Regional Well-Being Index? Share your thoughts and comments at the comment section below!  Do not forget to check us out in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for more design news and inspiration.