Design Guidelines that Formulate Google’s Visual Identity

by . June 7th, 2013

We have seen a lot of changes and developments in Google in terms of useful products and innovations throughout the years. But aside from the major developments of its products and services, Google has also done a major revamp of it’s visual identity. Its new visual identity is one of first and great examples of using the flat style trend in design.

A two-part project published in Behance shows us Google’s flexible, yet solid set of guidelines that strengthen the company’s visual identity. Spearheaded by Art Director Christopher Bettig and Senior Graphic Designer Christopher Bettig together with fellow designers Alex Griendling, Jefferson Cheng, Yan Yan and Zachary Gibson, the summary focuses on iconography, divided into two parts which include product icons, logo mockups, user interface and illustrations.


Google Visual Assets Guidelines | Product Icons
Google Visual Assets Guidelines | Logo Mockups
Google Visual Assets Guidelines | UI Icons
Google Visual Assets Guidelines | Illustrations

The creation of this sweet guidelines which started in January 2012 is based on Google’s design style credited to ECD Chris Wiggins along with designers Jesse Kaczmarek, Nicholas Jitkoff and Jonathan Lee. Check out the full set of guidelines here and here.


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