Your Guide to the Generic Logo

by . July 31st, 2014

Last updated on August 24th, 2022

It’s easy to spot a generic logo in the wild. I think a healthy part of being a graphic designer is also kind of being a logo snob. If you practice in the industry, part of you gets trained to kind of spot out both really half-baked designs and collateral the same way that a coffee nerd can distinguish between a handcrafted espresso and instant coffee.

We tend to craft an appreciation for logos that speaks volumes about the brand, and what the brand represents.  Due to websites that promote design contests such as 99 Designs – people tend to churn out similar concept after similar concept to get the job done.  This leads to a lot of market saturation and frankly, seeing the same stuff all over again. Instead of going on a rant – you can read an in-depth view of why I’m against contests – at the 411 on Spec Work.


 Is this looking a little familiar yet?

Graphic Designer, Giovanni Todini has curated a list of logos and trends we’re a little too tired of seeing. A visual designer who isn’t new to the branding game, adds his thoughts on these sorts of logos below:

[pullquote]With a generic logo (not creative, not tailored to a client’s needs) a company gives to the market an anonymous image of itself, devoid of any of the company’s identity. Because of their overused logotypes, the company is not able to establish its brand in the marketplace. In this way, they’re going straight in the opposite direction than to distinguish themselves from others (which is the whole point of having a logo).

There’s a bunch of designers who submit systematically and randomly low standard logotypes, often made without reading the client’s brief. They are essentially phishing for wins.
All too frequently it happens that these designers and generic logos win contests.[/pullquote]

You can view the collection of logos here!

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