Doodle In The Air With The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen

by . May 2nd, 2014

Sketching without paper. Yes, it is now possible with the emerging use of 3D printing technology. And a Kickstarter project is making it possible for us to doodle in the air using the world’s smallest 3D printing pen.

Called LIX, the pen pushes creativity to the next level by enabling you to create anything big or small that does not require paper. Created by a team of design professionals based in London, the 3D pen has similar functions as any other 3D printers by melting and cooling plastic to create freestanding structures.



By just plugging the pen in any USB 3.0 port you’re good to create structures for writings, accessories, decoration pieces, arts and crafts for kids, jewelries and any other forms.






See more information or get your own LIX through their Kickstarter page. Are 3D printing pens the next big thing in design? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!