Flags of the Galaxy: Star Wars Flags by Scott Kelly

by . December 18th, 2015

In a galaxy far far away, there might be an ongoing war against a certain Kylo Ren of the First Order.


In a galaxy not that far away however, a graphic designer with probably a lot of time in his hands created more than a hundred flags to represent the numerous planets of the Star Wars universe.

And by universe, I meant the whole universe including the Expanded Universe, comic books, novels, etc.


London-based art director and graphic designer Scott Kelly said that it was his childhood obsessions that led him to his Flags of the Galaxy project.

[pullquote]As a child the two most important posters on my wall were my Flags of the World poster and my map of the Star Wars Galaxy.[/pullquote]

Now that he is a full-fledged designer, he has taken the challenge of creating a flag for each of the known Star Wars planets. Having completed 103 flags, a Star Wars fan would know that he is just getting started, especially with Disney’s plans to expand the universe further.


Scott’s design adheres with the basic rules and principles of flag design called vexillology.

[pullquote]The use of flag traditions such as the canton, chevron and the 2:3 ratio have been utilised by myself to keep a level of uniformness. Using these traditions I created the designs by closely looking at the historical, economic, physical, political and societal attributes of the planets. From there I took creative liberty to make them as striking and plausible as possible. [/pullquote]


In an interview with The Guardian, Scott said his favorite flag is Anakin and Luke’s home planet Tatooine.

The design is a red strip and two red circles in a yellow field. The red represents the rule of the Hutts while the yellow is due to its desert appearance. The two red circles are of course the two suns orbited by the planet.


The project has already taken almost a year but Scott plans to finish all of the planets in the Star Wars universe.

[pullquote]The plan was to design a flag a night after work, but I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, ha! [/pullquote]

A worthy endeavor, Scott. May the Force be with you.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project and Scott’s other projects, check out his website.

Which planet’s flag should Scott design next? Comment below!


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