This Artist Reimagined Game Of Thrones Females As Pin-Up Girls

by . July 21st, 2015

One of the most memorable icons of the late 19th and early 20th century is the pin-up girl.

Owing its existence to the American burlesque variety show of the 19th century, pin-up posters made its way to American consciousness with its peak during the two world wars. No G.I. locker, tank wall, or jet dashboard is without one or more of these pictures of pin-up models that were practically ubiquitous throughout both sides the wars.


Most pin-ups were stylized images of actresses dressed in near-nude and posed in an artfully concealing way. Others are illustrations of “idealized” versions of women emulating this style.

Of course, we should put the pin-up poster in context—an era where a woman’s potential is viewed to be tied to her sexuality. That’s another issue though.

Russian artist Andrew Tarusov chose the pin-up poster aesthetics as his art style to create blend of inter-temporal pop culture mash-up. And what’s the perfect example of modern pop culture if not Game of Thrones?

Check out his Game of Thrones females reimagined as pin-up models:

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Andrew Tarusov is an illustrator and animator specializing in vintage style pin-ups and comics. He is currently married and has two lovely dogs.

His full set of Game of Thrones Pin-Up Girls as well as his other illustrations can be found on his website and his Facebook page. Support him by donating on his Patreon page.

Which Game of Thrones character is the best pin-up girl? Comment below!


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