Graphic Design Tutorial: Typography Design & Art Direction [VIDEO]

by . October 15th, 2016

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Nailing the nuances and rhythm of typography design is one of the most difficult things any designer will do.

If you’re nuts about graphic design, this amazing video on The Futur, a highly underrated YouTube channel, will blow your mind. So much minutiae goes into typography designs that we take for granted. The art direction Chris Do gives his student Minhye is also a hoot, and an example of excellent direction — whether you like his design choices or not.

The video is a bit long, but worth it. While graphic designers are the ones who stand to get the most from this, creative directors and small business managers may find it useful for instructing designers.

Graphic designers and the ones who need their services alike have to realize great design is a long, involved process. Even something as outwardly simple like a minimalist poster often has to go through several iterations before it’s made. For every great piece of typography design that gets published and widely distributed, several other studies that were just as involved do not get to see the light of day.

The reason it can take so much time is that design is not about what looks cool, but what works in a specific context. For a design to be strong, each element should have a rationale behind it. Sometimes a designer might veer into unknown territory and these rationales can take more time and consideration.

Typography recommendations by The Futur:

What other typography and art direction design tips can you share? Comment below!


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