Guess That Movie!—Artist Creates Movie Posters Made With Circles

by . February 18th, 2015

Breaking down a whole movie to its core parts and still be recognizable is no easy feat.

But a movie poster made of circles?



Taking some classic and iconic movies, Sydney-based designer Nick Barclay turned each of them into abstract movie posters consisting only of circles. Harry Potter for example has two black circles representing Harry’s glasses. The Matrix has the blue pill and the red pill. Bram Stoker’s Dracula  has two bite marks from the vampire’s fangs.

The posters also include related facts on the movies’ release dates, director, budget and box office earnings.

Each movie poster is a puzzle. You would need to figure out which elements of the movie Barclay chose to draw from.  Of course, it is essential to have prior knowledge of the film for them to be recognizable.

There are the obvious ones like Lord of the Rings’ “one ring to rule them all” (or as we say it in Black Speech “Ash nazg durbatulûk”). But there are also not-so-obvious ones. I had quite a hard time figuring out Pulp Fiction’s two concentric circles. (HINT: It’s a running gag)

So instead of having an out of place retro poster in your ultra-modern bedroom, why not try putting up one of these?

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Each poster is available along with Nick Barclay’s other abstract sets in his website, Nick Barclay Designs for 30 AUD or roughly 23 USD.

Check out more of his work on Behance.

Have some circle poster ideas for your favorite movie? Comment below!


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